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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Causes and Solutions for Biogas Reactor Instability Problems from Palm Oil Mill EffluentSompong O-Thong; Prawit Kongjan; Angelidaki, Irini; Nantharat Wongfaed; นันทรัตน์ วงศ์แฝด
2021Development of Anaerobic Cellulose Degrading Inoculum for Improvement of Biogas Production from Co-digestion Palm Oil Mill Effluent with Empty Fruit BunchesSompong O-Thong; Poonsuk Prasertsan; Insam, Heribert; Wisarut Tukanghan; วิศรุต ตุกังหัน
2019Development of bioethanol production process from oil palm trunk with ethanol membrane separation.Sompong O-Thong; Prawit Kongjan; Chaisit Niyasom; Siriporn Larpkiattaworn; Sureeporn Kumneadklang; สุรีย์พร กำเนิดกลาง
2020Development of Two-Stage Anaerobic Digestion for Biohythane Production from Chlorella sp. BiomassSompong O-Thong; Somrak Rodjaroen; Aminee Jehlee; อามีนี เจ๊ะลี
2021Development of Two-stage Anaerobic Digestion Process for Hydrogensulfide removal from Rubber Smoked Sheet WastwaterSompong O-Thong; Prawit Kongjan; Imai, Tsuyoshi; Kanathip Promnuan
2020Enhancement of Biogas Production from Empty Friut Bunches by Solid-State Anaerobic Digestion ProcessSompong O-Thong; Prawit Kongjan; Insam, Heribert; Wantanasak Suksong; วรรธนศักดิ์ สุขสง
2016Enhancement of Hydrogen and Methane Production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent by Two Stage Thermophilic DigestionSompong O-Thong; Poonsuk Prasertsan; Prawit Kongjan; Chonticha Mamimin; ชลธิชา มามิมิน
2019Factors Affecting on Energy Recovery of Biogas Plant in Palm Oil MillSompong O-Thong; Poonsuk Prasertsan; Jiravut Seengenyoung
2019Feasibility of Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste by Incineration and Anaerobic Digestion Process.Sompong O-Thong; Chonticha Mamimin; Wattananarong Markphan; วัฒนณรงค์ มากพันธ์
2021High Efficient Two-Stage Process for Biohydrogen Production by Dark Fermentation and Microbial Electrolysis and Biohythane Production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent with Methane Upgrading ProcessSompong O-Thong; Prawit Kongjan; Chonticha Mamimin; Hidenari, Yasui; Peerawat Khongkliang; พีระวัฒน์ คงเกลี้ยง
2021Metagenomics and Characterization of Thermocellulolytic Bacteria for Ethanol Production from Agricultural Residues under Consolidated BioprocessSompong O-Thong; Chaisit Niyasom; Apinya Singkhala